Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!)

Where can I find an owner’s manual?

Right here! Click here to learn all about how to operate your Lund Boat.

How do I winterize my boat?

Read the following article: Tips for Maintaining Your Lund It will provide you with advice that can add life to your boat and keep it looking like new.

What do I need to know about Invasive Species?

We all love our lakes and protecting the natural environment that allows us to spend more time out on the water is an important step to keep them intact for our future generations of fisherman. Invasive species of plants and wildlife (including milfoil and Asian carp) can present dangers to the naturally vulnerable ecosystems of our lakes and rivers. To help prevent the spread of these species, take a few minutes to visit the following Nationwide Invasive Species Resource site.

How can I find my nearest Lund dealer?

Click on the “Find Dealer” link at the top of the page. Enter in your zip code and the dealer(s) nearest to you will appear along with all of their contact information.

How can I get a Lund product brochure?

You can view our entire catalog online. Click on the “Catalog” link at the top of the page and an online version will be available. From there, you can also request a printed version of the Catalog.

What about trade-in’s?

Your authorized local Lund dealer will be able to help you gear up and get into your new Lund. And knowing Lund’s high resale value, your dealer can help you find a new home for your previous Lund.

Can I buy a boat directly from Lund?

Unfortunately, Lund boats can only be purchased through authorized Lund dealers. Click on the “Find Dealer” link at the top of the page to find a dealer closest to you.

Where can I order and purchase parts and accessories?

Parts and accessories can be ordered and purchased from your local Lund dealer.

What kind of prop do you recommend for my particular boat?

Props are dependent on a number of different factors, boat model, motor size, and boat length to name a few. Your local Lund dealer will be able to determine the right prop for your boat. You can contact them by clicking on our dealer tab at the top of the page.

Why does Lund build so many models?

Here at Lund, we’re all about providing the ultimate fishing experience for our fishermen. In order to do that we have to craft boats to fit any fishing condition and experience possible. Every Lund model comes with the best engineering and technology. So you can have an enjoyable and productive day regardless of what boat you’re on.