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1625 Fury XL

$11,495* (Tiller) 25 HP ELHPT
$13,295* SS (Side Console) 40 HP ELPT
$15,495* Sport (Full Windshield) 50 HP ELPT

*plus freight and prep. All prices USD

1650 Rebel XL

$15,695* (Tiller) USD w/ 50 HP ELHPT
$15,995* (Side Console) USD w/ 50 HP ELPT

*plus freight and prep

The Lund Difference

See how Lund rises above the competition

1600 Fury

$8,395* w/ 25 HP ML ($9,295 w/ 25 HP ELHPT)
$9,595* (Side Console) w/ 25 HP EL ($10,095 w/ 25 HP ELPT)

*plus freight and prep

The Best of Both Worlds

208 Tyee GL (Fiberglass)

208 Pro V GL Tiller (Fiberglass)

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    Launch your new boat with exclusive family discounts.

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    Check out these Lund approved camps and resorts.

  • Recipes

    Looking for a great walleye recipe? See what's cooking.

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    Connect with Fishermen & share your Lund stories.

The S.U.V. of Fishing Boats

Anglers and boaters looking for a complete, do-it-all boat, thank goodness there’s the Lund Crossover. This ultimate watercraft is the marine industry’s gift to anglers and their families...

Lund announces the new Fiberglass 208 Pro-V Tiller

To provide you with the ultimate fishing experience you need to have the most experienced fishermen designing and building your next dream. View more videos...

Scotty Brewer

Moorhead, MN

Looking back at my youth, its obvious I was bitten by the “fishing bug” very early on in life. I can remember when I was 5, I would refuse to go swimming in the lake with my brothers because I wanted to fish so bad...

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Welcome to Lund Boats. We provide the ultimate
fishing experience with our extensive line-up of
premium aluminum fishing boats.

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2014 the Ultimate Fishing Experience

Check out the ultimate fishing experience with our new TV series. Airing now.

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